Comparative Study in Utilization of Creational Design Patterns in Solving Design Problems

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Author(s) R.M.Noorullah
Pages 169-178
Volume 1
Issue 3
Date December, 2011
Keywords Design Patterns, Abstract Factory, Singleton, Factory Method, Prototype, Builder

Design Patterns solve specific design problems and make an object oriented design more flexible and reusable. They help designers reuse several designs, to choose design alternatives and to avoid alternatives that compromise reusability. To solve various design problems Creational, Structural and Behavioral patterns are used. In the present paper comparative study in utilization of Creational Design Patterns proposed to solve design problems by considering how they all encapsulate knowledge and hide instances of these classes. A critical study made for utilization of these patterns in solving design problems with some case studies and also relationship among these patterns presented with the help of design tools.

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