Transient Responses of Beam with Elastic Foundation Supports under Moving Wave Load Excitation

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Author(s) Yi Wang | Yong Wang | Biaobiao Zhang |Steve Shepard
Pages 137-143
Volume 1
Issue 2
Date November, 2011
Keywords Free to free beam, Elastic Foundation, Moving loads.

In this paper, the responses of a free to free boundary constrained beam on elastic foundation to various moving loads are studied by the application of finite element method. We apply the Newmark integration method for numerical simulation. Results are verified by using commercial ANSYS package through modeling the beam with elastic foundation supports excited by moving point load at the constant speed. The effects of the following parameters on the dynamic behavior of the beam under both moving point load and pressure wave load are evaluated: the traveling speed of load, stiffness of the elastic foundation base and viscous damping. This study offers a good basis for research work on the beam under moving acoustic wave loads in the future.

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