Investigation of the Performance of Direct AC to AC Converter in High Frequency Industrial Applications

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Author(s) JBV Subrahmanyam | TC Subramanyam | TC Srinivasarao
Pages 124-129
Volume 1
Issue 2
Date November, 2011
Keywords Matrix Converter, Hystersis Controller, SPWM, IGBTs

The purpose of the study is to investigate the performance of the direct AC to AC converter in high frequency applications and analyze AC to AC Matrix Converter having a nine switch topology with hysteresis controller using MATLAB / SIMULINK package. A Matrix Converter with 18 IGBTs and 18 diode achieves the desired variable voltage, variable frequency performance using a two stage circuit. In the first stage three phase normal frequency voltage is converted to single phase high frequency voltage. In second stage three phase variable amplitude variable frequency voltage is generated. Hysteresis controller is implemented to obtain sinusoidal output current.In this paper output frequency realized is 50 Hz. It is possible to set the output to any other frequency also.

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