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Author(s) Debajyoti Karmaker  |  Mohammad Saiedur Rahaman   |   Hafizur Rahman   |Mohammad Saidur Rahman
Pages 23-26
Volume 1
Issue 1
Date October, 2011
Keywords Weil pairing, Elliptic curve cryptosystem, grid computing, security, user authentication

Issues regarding security have become vital in the world of Grid computing. Users deserve a threat free environment where they are not at risk of providing their password to potential hackers when they are using it to access any protected resource. To prevent the grid resources from being illegally visited, a strong password authentication system, that requires input from both the user and server, is necessary. In this paper, based on the elliptic curve cryptosystem, we have proposed an efficient and most importantly a secure user authentication scheme for grid computing to guard against attacks like server spoofing, On-line and off-line password guessing and replay attack. The proposed scheme only requires a one-way hash function and Weil pairing, which makes it simpler and no hassle of safe guarding and private key. More over it makes uses of Lattice which is computationally must faster and efficient.  

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