An Analytical Evaluation on Li's Inheritance Metric Suites against Weyuker's Properties

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Author(s) | Kumar Rajnish | Vandana Bhattcaherjee |
Pages 80-88
Volume 1
Issue 1
Date October, 2011
Keywords Inheritance Hierarchy, Object-Oriented, Inheritance Tree, Metrics, Object-Oriented Design, and Classes

Inheritance is a powerful mechanism in an Object-Oriented (OO) programming. This mechanism supports the class hierarchy design and captures the IS-A relationship between a super class and its subclass. Since the analytical evaluation of Li’s inheritance metrics [19] is not described in the literature. In this paper an attempt has been made to present an analytical evaluation on Li’s inheritance metric suite [19] against Weyuker’s properties [24] and an attempt has also been made to present the results of analytical evaluation of Chidamber and Kemerer inheritance metric [11], Brito and Carapuca candidate structural inheritance complexity metric [33], and Rajnish and Bhattacherjee inheritance metric [34] against Weyuker’s properties [24].  

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