A Shunt Active Power Filter with Enhanced Performance Using ANN-Based Predictive and Adaptive Controllers

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Author(s) O.Arun kumar | S.Radha Krishna Reddy | JBV Subrahmanyam | PK Sahoo | Ch.Shashidhar
Pages 563-569
Volume 2
Issue 4
Date April, 2012
Keywords Adaptive ANN, current control, nonlinear load, shunt active power filter (APF), total harmonic distortion (THD),voltage source inverter.


In this paper the aim of the study is to improve the dynamic performance of a shunt-type active power filter. The predictive and adaptive properties of artificial neural networks (ANNs) are used for fast estimation of the compensating current. The dynamics of the dc-link voltage is utilized in a predictive controller to generate the first estimate followed by convergence of the algorithm by an adaptive ANN based network. Weights in adaptive ANN are tuned to minimize the total harmonic distortion of the source current. Extensive simulations and experimentations confirm the validity of the proposed scheme for balanced and unbalanced loads for a three-phase three-wire system.
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