Real Time Bridge Inspection through Nanoskin Tube

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Author(s) Nayab Suhail Hamirani | Asad Ali Shaikh | Imdad Ali Ismaili | Abuzar Aman Mahar
Pages 557-559
Volume 2
Issue 4
Date April, 2012
Keywords bridge, load, corrosion, cracking, visual, nanotube


There are approximately 578,000 highway bridges in the USA. Bridges have average life span of 70 years. Majority of the bridges were built after 1945. Average bridges require repairing when they reach their mid-life. Bridge’s loads carrying capacity is affected by corrosion, cracking and other damages. All the damaging factors like (footing, substructure deck and superstructure) of the bridges will periodically be inspected by the engineers. Visual inspection is the primary method for the inspection of the bridges. In this paper we present nanotube skin technique for inspection of the bridges.

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