Solar Storm Impacts on Wireless Networks

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Author(s) Nigel McKelvey
Pages 664-667
Volume 2
Issue 4
Date April, 2012
Keywords Solar Storm, Ionosphere, Multimedia, Communications


Satellite communications, navigation systems and electrical transmission equipment all rely heavily on Wireless Technologies. Solar storms are predicted in the near future and this could have “devastating effects” on human technology as they can release particles that subsequently disable or permanently destroy computer circuits. Solar storms can vary in size and as a result can have different effects such as satellite disorientation, spacecraft electronics damage, spacecraft solar panel degradation, extreme radiation hazard to astronauts, launch payload failure, high altitude aircraft radiation, shortwave radio fades and disruption in polar regions, ozone layer depletion, cardiac arrest, dementia and cancer. This paper explores the possible impact of a solar storm on daily living by giving an overview of predicted outcomes as well as summarizing the results of past flares.

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