Performance of Parameter Estimator for the Two-Parameter and Three-Parameter Gamma Distribution in PM10 Data Modelling

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Author(s) Hazrul Abdul Hamida | Ahmad Shukri Yahaya | Nor Azam Ramli | Ahmad Zia Ul-Saufie
Pages 637-643
Volume 2
Issue 4
Date April, 2012
Keywords Particulate Matter (PM10), Air Pollution Modelling, Gamma Distribution


Data of PM10 in selected cities in Malaysia were used to study the performance of parameter estimator of the two-parameter and three-parameter gamma distribution in modeling and predicting PM10 data. This study have considered the method of moment and method of simple explicit to estimate the parameters for the two-parameter and three-parameter gamma distribution respectively. Five performance indicators are used to determine the most appropriate probability distribution for this set of data. Results show that the three-parameter gamma distribution give a better prediction compared to the two-parameter gamma distribution for Nilai, Negeri Sembilan site while the two-parameter gamma distribution predicts the PM10 better compared to the three-parameter gamma distribution for Seberang Perai, Penang site.

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