Object Duplication in an Image using Texture Synthesis Technique

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Author(s) Md. Hamidur Rahman | Mohd. Salah Uddin Yusuf | D.M. Bappy | Md. Zameari Islam | Ajoy Kumar Dey
Pages 560-562
Volume 2
Issue 4
Date April, 2012
Keywords Computer Vision, Image Processing, Object duplication, Texture synthesis.


Texture synthesis is one of the most attractive and modern image processing techniques in the area of computer vision. Now a day Texture Synthesis is used in many applications especially to show more number of objects in an image itself. Sometimes we see more objects in an image than the actual number of objects in many Hollywood films or in a public gathering place where Texture Synthesis technique is used. Most of those methods are cost effective and time consuming. In this paper we have presented a new algorithm to apply texture synthesis for objects duplication in an image to increase the image objects in the same image. By using our method we can minimize the cost and time. This noble method is done by randomly picking up any image portion or the selected portion of the image called tiles or patch and then matching it with the similar tiles of the neighboring image portion by texture synthesis technique. Moreover most of the Texture Synthesis method uses an additional texture image for matching process where our method does not need anything except the input image.
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