LTE Advanced: Necessities and Technological Challenges for 4th Generation Mobile Network

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Author(s) Rahat Ali Khan | Asad Ali Shaikh
Pages 1336-1342
Volume 2
Issue 8
Date August, 2012
Keywords LTE-Advanced, Heterogeneous Network, Multiple Input Multiple Output, Carrier Aggregation


The higher peak data rates for portable users are in demand. Audio/Video streaming, online conferences and community media services are fetching the requirement of life. In order to accomplish the absolute amount of data need of users, vigorous and well-organized wireless technology is needed. The solution for future mobile wireless networks which is based on Rel-10 is LTE-Advanced. It is the promising technology for upcoming wireless broadband network based on Rel-8 of Long term Evolution (LTE). This research paper provides a higher level overview of LTE-Advanced, which includes carrier aggregation for well-organized spectrum use, MIMO techniques for numerous signal transmissions and receptions, relaying and heterogeneous consumption strategy. LTE-Advanced scheme will be the Next Generation wireless technology for years to come.

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