Shunt Capacitor Position and Size Selection for Radial Distribution System using GA

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Author(s) U.Ramesh Babu | V.Vijay Kumar Reddy | S.Tarakalyani
Pages 1345-1348
Volume 2
Issue 8
Date August, 2012
Keywords Stability index, Vector based distribution load flow, size Capacitor, capacitor location, Radial Distribution system and genetic algorithm


This paper presents a new approach for shunt Capacitor position and size for radial distribution network based on genetic approach. Distribution networks experience distinct changes from low load level to high load level every day. In certain industrial areas, it has been observed that under certain critical loading conditions, the distribution system experience voltage collapse. Due to this phenomenon, system voltage collapses periodically and urgent reactive compensation needs to be supplied to avoid repeated voltage collapse. In this Paper a new approach for finding Capacitor size and Position presented .The node having the voltage stability index minimum is more prone to voltage collapse. That node is identified as candidate node. Further capacitors are installed at the candidate nodes for improvement of Voltage stability index. Genetic Algorithm is more suitable for such problems. So Genetic Algorithm is used for sizing of capacitors at selected locations.

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