Closed Form of the Elementary Coaxial Cable Parameters in a Longitudinal Thermal Perturbation in Combination with the Skin Effect

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Author(s) Hatim G. Zaini
Pages 1917-1920
Volume 2
Issue 12
Date December, 2012
Keywords Coaxial cable, Skin Effect, Distributed Parameters, thermal variation

An Analytical calculation of the primary parameters, resistance and inductance especially, has been established in the case where both the skin effect and the linearly varying temperature along the coaxial transmission line are taken into account. The mathematical formulations are derived by first calculating the total resistance and inductance of the coaxial cable conductors within which the effective cross section due to the skin effect is considered. The effect of the temperature variation along the coax is also taken into account. The use of these primary parameters can be of paramount importance in the simulation using PSPICE or MULTISIM to calculate both frequency and time-domain responses such as the attenuation and phase shift.

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