Development of a Meat Slicing Machine Using Locally Sourced Materials

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Author(s) Odior, A. O.
Pages 202-208
Volume 2
Issue 2
Date February, 2012
Keywords Meat Slicing, Slicing Machine, Hygienic Slices, Slice Thickness.

In an attempt to facilitate the processing of meat which is a daily nutritional food requirement of man, a meat slicing machine has been developed. The machine consists of a cutting blade, a meat feeder, a meat tray, a meat clamp, the crank mechanism and a control unit. The machine was designed to enhance the hygienic slicing of meat for both domestic and commercial consumption and it can accommodate from one to six cutting blades which are spaced 6.5mm from each other to give a meat slice thickness of 5mm per slice. It takes an average of 4 seconds to cut a slice and one hour for 2.673 tonnes.

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