Encrypted IP Voice Call Communication on Android through Sip Server on 3G GPRS

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Author(s) Saruchi Kukkar
Pages 296-299
Volume 2
Issue 2
Date February, 2012
Keywords Voice Over Internet Protocol, GPRS, Android, Encrypted IP voice call

In today’s scenario there are many voice transmission techniques available in cellular communication, but they do not allow to exchange data in a secured manner due to the challenges involved in the analog mode of communication as it is more prone to eavesdropping and noise interference. VoIP (voice over internet protocol) is a one of the best technology available for voice communication which has the potential to completely rework the world's cellular systems. VOIP works by converting analog voice signal into digitized data but it still cannot solve the problem of security of digitized data travelling through communication links. Using encryption techniques this digitized voice data is transformed into cipher text form on third generation GSM data or GPRS servers in android platform which results in a better encrypted voice speed and clarity.

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