Performance Evaluation of PSS and STATCOM on Oscillation Damping of a North-Central Power Network of Nigeria Grid System

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Author(s) Ambafi, J. G. | Nwohu M. N. | Ohize H. O. | Tola, O. J.
Pages 209-219
Volume 2
Issue 2
Date February, 2012
Keywords Oscillations, Damping, PSS, STATCOM, Grid system, PSAT.

This research aims at discussing the effective performances of Power System Stabilizer (PSS) and Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM) considered separately in damping oscillations on the 330KV North-Central network of Nigerian grid system. The result of this study reveals a better damping controller between the PSS and STATCOM. Placement of the STATCOM was done optimally using GA, whereas the location of the PSS in requisite generator is determined by eigenvalues analysis and damping coefficient. Simulations were carried out using PSAT to evaluate the performance of the PSS and STATCOM in damping oscillations of North-Central network of Nigeria 330KV grid system. By simulation, it was observed that the damping effect of PSS was limited to the swings of the generator and has little or no effect on the inter-area oscillations while STATCOM has pronounced effect on damping the inter-area oscillations.

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