E-Healthcare/Telemedicine Readiness Assessment of Some Selected States in Western Nigeria

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Author(s) Emuoyibofarhe O. Justice
Pages 195-201
Volume 2
Issue 2
Date February, 2012
Keywords E-Health/Telemedicine, e-Readiness Assessment

Whilst healthcare is one of the biggest service industries on the globe it has yet to realise the full potential of the e-business revolution in the form of e-health. Wickramasinghe et al (2005). The objective of this research is to assess the readiness of the main players of health that is the health practitioners, public, patients and the managers towards e-Health in Nigeria. In this work some selected states (Oyo, Osun, Ogun, Ondo, Lagos and Ekiti) in western Nigeria were chosen as the pilot study area, considering some critical factors of e-Health readiness such as need-change readiness, engagement readiness and structural readiness. The responses were analyzed statistically using descriptive analysis. The analysis was applied to determine the e-Health readiness status of health practitioners, public, patients and the mangers from the western part of Nigeria. The result of the overall evaluation of all samples shows that (i) health managers are not structurally ready, (ii) the public and patient fairly agreed but structural factor will be a constraint and (iii) the healthcare practitioners fairly agreed but structural, social influence, engagement will affect the successful adoption of the invention.

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