Information Security Challenge and Breaches: Novelty Approach on Measuring ISO 27001 Readiness Level

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Author(s) Heru Susanto | Mohammad Nabil Almunawar | Yong Chee Tuan
Pages 67-75
Volume 2
Issue 1
Date January, 2012
Keywords I-Solution Framework, I-Solution Modelling Software, Six domain view, Information Security Assessment, ISMS

Information security challenges and breaches increasing time by time lead practitioners and experts solving that’s problems. Compliance with information security standards be highly recommended to ensure all information be safe since securing information system resources is extremely important to ensure that the resources are well protected. Information security is not just a simple matter of having usernames and passwords. Actually Information security becomes a very important part for the organization’s intangible assets, level of confidence and stakeholder trusted are performance indicator as successes organization. This paper will discuss the challenges and breaches in information security, we refer several surveys in the field of information security as secondary data, such as information security breaches survey and global state of information security survey, that lead us offer a framework (called by integrated solution framework, i-solution framework) for understanding information security management standards (ISMS) term and concept and also we implement it into application software on assessing readiness level of an organization toward the implementation of information security standard, ISO27001.

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