Design and Implementation of Web Prefetching Solution

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Author(s) G.N.K. Suresh Babu | S.K. Srivatsa
Pages 99-102
Volume 2
Issue 1
Date January, 2012
Keywords Web cache, Web prefetch, Latency, Access time.

The enormous potential of locality based strategies like caching and prefetching to improve web performance motivates us to propose a new algorithm for performance evaluation in scenarios where different parts of the web architecture interact. Web prefetching is a technique focused on web latency reduction based on predicting the next future web object to be accessed by the user and prefetching it in idle times. So, if finally the user requests it, the object will be already at the client’s cache. This technique takes advantage of the spatial locality shown by the web objects. The basics of web prefetching techniques preprocess the user requests, before they are actually demanded. Therefore, the time that the user must wait for the requested documents can be reduced by hiding the request latencies.

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