Comparison of Various Encryption Algorithms and Techniques for Secured Data Communication in Multinode Network

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Author(s) Ajay Kakkar | M. L. Singh | P.K. Bansal
Pages 87-92
Volume 2
Issue 1
Date January, 2012
Keywords Encryption, Key, Multinode network (MN), Hacker.

For a secured system it has been desired to make the combination of data and keys secured. One can hack the data by knowing the information about the radiations of a machine, key length, encryption time, number of stations and block size. Few algorithms creates dummy file which has been generated along with the encrypted data in order to misguide the hacker and acts as overheads. Short length keys are normally exposed to the hacker very easily that’s why large key lengths have been preferred. For the encryption and transmission of data in Multinode Network (MN) various techniques are used. This paper covers the various techniques and algorithms used for the data security in MN.

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