Performance, Combustion and Emission of a PKME Fuelled DI-Diesel Engine with Exhaust Gas Recirculation

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Author(s) YMC Sekhar | S. Adinarayana | M. Anil Prakash | K. Praveen, K. Ajay
Pages 1235-1245
Volume 2
Issue 7
Date July, 2012


Concentrated plying of automobiles in highly populated regions results in the release of exhaust gas which amounts to several tons in weight hanging in the atmosphere every day. Dispersal or ventilation of these gases takes lots of time which depends mainly on the climatic condition in the local region. This brings in acute human health disorders. Stringent measures are imposed to curtail tail pipe emissions and consequent upon that the research on the emission control aspect is also stepped up and new concepts have been developed to contain the emission from the automobile engines. In this paper, cold EGR technique by replacing a part of incoming air is being used with the implementation of a biodiesel i.e. Palm Kernel Methyl Ester in a single cylinder diesel engine. Biodiesel itself is known to reduce the exhaust emissions, except NO. An attempt is made to assess the NO reduction aspect with EGR. Same test is being conducted with the neat diesel application and EGR to verify the delineation line to fix up the performance of the diesel engine designed for diesel fuel.

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