Laws of Mixing for Oxides and Other Materials

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Author(s) Anup Mishra | Poonam Sinha | Omprakash Verma
Pages 1227-1234
Volume 2
Issue 7
Date July, 2012
Keywords density, resistivity, dielectric constant, magnetic permeability, melting point, thermal conductivity


Any research of any kind of material requires few standard statements or laws on the basis of which it is accomplished. This paper includes study on mixing of oxides and other materials using mass law and logarithmic law of mixing. Various parameters like density function and distribution function are studied. Calculation of probability of failure and reliability attributes of materials used in electrical engineering has been made in this paper. The mass law has been defined for a set of parameters. Simulation of Mass law of mixing in a simple manner has been done. Samples are inspected and from the inspection conclusion has been drawn about the totality called the population. Variation of resistivity of elements and oxides with temperature has also been studied. Several notions are taken to advance the study for reliability of materials. The effects of the earth environment, water and pollution are considered in the study of reliability of oxides.

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