gED – A Quantitative Approach To Detect Explosives

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Author(s) M.B.Muthukumaresan | V.S.Ramesh | S.Jagadishkumar
Pages 1324-1327
Volume 2
Issue 7
Date July, 2012
Keywords Metal Detector, Electron, X-Ray, Y-Ray, Spectroscopic


In this study, it is focused to detect the explosive material approximately over a range of 10meters and above by a system which should be cost effective ,low power consuming, harmless to the public and efficiently detect the explosives with standoff distance and to overcome the drawbacks of the existing traditional detecting systems. Our proposed detector consists of multiple ultrasonic transducers in all directions within the specified boundary allotted combined to form a neutral network to locate the hotspot by using the DASH7 technology that can be integrated with PC.

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