Experimental and Numerical Studies on Composite Deck Slabs

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Author(s) Baskar. R
Pages 1114-1123
Volume 2
Issue 7
Date July, 2012
Keywords Composite deck slab, Embossments, Shear connectors, Cold form steel section, Finite elements, Non linear analysis.


This paper describes a study on experimental and finite element modeling of Composite deck slabs with and without embossments. In the composite slabs, mechanical interlocking in the form of embossments or shear connectors were used to transfer shear between the outer skin of the plate and the concrete core. The current study was based on finite element analysis using ANSYS8. In the experimental programme, carried out by author, ten simply supported composite deck slabs were tested to failure under two point line load at L/4 (Shear span) of the span. These tested specimens were analysed by the finite element method and the analysis have shown these slabs displayed a high degree of flexural characteristics, ultimate strength and ductility. Close agreement had been observed between the finite element and the experimental results for ultimate loads and load deflection responses. The finite element model was thus found to be capable of predicting the behaviour of composite deck slab accurately.

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