Design and Implementation of Gait Recognition System

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Author(s) Mayur Bhati | Rashid Khan
Pages 1100-1108
Volume 2
Issue 7
Date July, 2012
Keywords Biometrics, Gait, Video, Security


Gait recognition is the process of identifying an individual by the way in which they walk. This is a less unobtrusive biometric, which offers the possibility to identify people at a distance, without any interaction or co-operation from the subject; this is the property which makes it so attractive as a method of identification. This project aims to develop a system capable of automatic gait recognition. A person’s gait signature is created using a model based approach. Temporal and spatial metrics extracted from the modal, such as length of torso, shin and variation in angles of the limb or the amplitude of a persons walking pattern can all be used to create a “gait signature” of the individual which are transformed into a self similarity matrix. The use of spacio-temporal correlation method to identify the subject in subsequent video sequences.

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