Ajax Enabled Web Application Model with Comet Programming

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Author(s) Rajendra Kachhwaha | Priyadarshi Patni
Pages 1138-1145
Volume 2
Issue 7
Date July, 2012
Keywords Ajax, Reverse Ajax, Web traffic reduction, Web page auto refreshing, Long polling, JSON


For any web application the connectivity with the server is always a crucial issue. Correctly accessing the data and availability to user at the faster rate is the major issue. In classical approach, stateless request and response make refreshing of complete page. The AJAX engine improves the situation from complete reference to server to need base access. Ajax can help in making a new model, in which the single-page web interface is composed of individual components that can be updated/ replaced independently. In this paper AJAX enabled web application model with comet programming is introduced and tested. Two approaches for long polling are considered namely, using UpdatePanel and using JSON. The experimental results are compared using Firebug tool provided by Mozilla Firefox.

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