Security Threats Prediction on Local Area Network Using Regression Model

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Author(s) D. Sudharsan | Sudheer Katta
Pages 1160-1169
Volume 2
Issue 7
Date July, 2012
Keywords Wireless Sensor Network, Cloud Service, Distributing Sensing Devices, Vehicle Trace and GPS Navigator.


Recent technological developments allowed to envision the low-power and low-cost sensor devices (XBee) and Global Positining System (GPS) with multi-mode (Wi-Fi/3G/) information & communication technologies (ICTs), a system on which is christened as IVTrace. Integrating these multi-mode and multi-level communication systems with distributed ambient sensory network location based service (LBS) is a challenging task, which could be a potential technology for monitoring various natural phenomena. This integrated system is introduced to provide and assist the travels, transports, and courier companies, and cars and bike users obtain the real-time dynamic location based vechile tracking and traveld route information with the time stamps. In addition, this proposed system also act as a GPS navigator. The IVTrace system prototype has been sucessfully experimented in the Indian Institue of Technology (IIT) Bombay campus, Mumbai, Maharashra, India with IVTrace cloud service.

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