Using Precast R.C in Cellular Dam Construction

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Author(s) Tarek Abd El Rady Mahmoud | Gamal Sadik Ebaid | Ali Abd El Fatah | Nagi Ali Ali Hassan
Pages 1283-1289
Volume 2
Issue 7
Date July, 2012
Keywords concrete, dam construction


In concrete dams on earth foundations, 50% to 60% of concrete works as ballast creating the weight of structure necessary for ensuring stability against sliding . For this purpose, precast– monolithic cellular structures have been developed, which comprise longitudinal and transversal walls forming the carcass .the pre-cast concreat units with dimintions 2-6m long, 0.5-0.7m height, 0.07-0.015m thickness. The compartments of the carcass are filled with soil material . such cellular structures are used for constructing small head dams ( up to 10 to15 m high ) and wing walls in medium to low head dams as indicated in figure (1) .

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