Experimental Study of the Change in Density, Viscosity and Acidity of Bonny Light Crude Contaminated with CO2

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Author(s) Adebayo, Thomas Ayotunde | Egure, Omemi Daniella
Pages 1187-1189
Volume 2
Issue 7
Date July, 2012
Keywords Bonnylight crude, CO2 contamination, crude density variation, crude viscosity


This research studies the effect of CO2 on Bonny light crude during possible CO2 storage in a Niger-Delta reservoir. It also correspond to dry CO2 flooding of Bonny light. The result obtained indicated an increase in the apparent viscosity of the oil for the first few days followed by a reduction in the apparent viscosity. The specific gravity was constant for first two days and shows an interesting reduction for the next four days, followed by increase in the specific gravity thereafter. The only explanation is that the CO2 must have become soluble in the crude for the first few days resulting into lower crude density by the third day since the gas is lighter than the crude but during this period, the mixture viscosity is expected to have reduced instead of the increase. After the sixth day, further injection of the CO2 made the crude denser an indication that there might have been evaporation of lighter component of the crude which was expected to correspond to .increasing crude viscosity. The observed reduction in viscosity during this is an abnormality and could have resulted due to increase surface interactions between the CO2 and the crude molecules in the mixture.

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