Determination of Optimum Operational Conditions of a Grain Stripper Header for Rice Harvesting in Nigeria

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Author(s) Adisa A. F | Ndirika V. I. O | Yiljep Y. D | Mohammed U.S
Pages 1290-1300
Volume 2
Issue 7
Date July, 2012
Keywords Operational, optimum, settings, critical, stripper


Developing and adopting new technology for different farming systems is a vital challenge for future years. Stripper harvester though has been developed and tested in places like Britain, some Asian countries and Europe, its performance on rice harvesting was highly affected by setting of its critical operating parameters, therefore not practically accepted in some places. A 30cm width self propelled prototype pedestrian controlled grain stripper header was developed, its optimum operational condition was determined for rice harvesting in a Nigeria farming system to replace the prevalent manual harvesting. The optimum setting of critical operating parameters of the stripper was at best when the machine settings was at 270mm rotor height, stripper rotor speed was 17.55m/s and forward speed was 3km/h. The machine performed better on row planted rice field than on spot planted field in overcoming tyre rolling resistance and wheel slip problems caused by crop stalks.

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