Water Supply Resources for Domestic Purposes in Auchi Metropolis of Edo State, Nigeria

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Author(s) S. N. Onuoha | F. I.Idike | Orakwe, L. C.
Pages 1032-1039
Volume 2
Issue 6
Date June, 2012
Keywords Water supply. Auchi, sources, minimum water requirement, residents


Water supply resources are critical problems in Edo state in general and Auchi metropolis in particular which, in no small measure has had negative impact on people’s daily living in the area. Data for this study were collected through the direct interview with the river, boreholes and pure water vendors and through the physical survey of the study area including rainfall data collected from the metrological station of the area. Mathematical formulas were used to analyse the data. Results from this study show that the average volumes of water supply to the residents per month are 3118m3. The highest volumes (18,934m3) and the lowest volume (12,265 m3) of water were supplied in the month of August and June respectively. Similarly, 2465 m3 (79%) of monthly supply was realized from river sources and 146 m3 (4.7%) realized from borehole sources. The estimated overall water supply resources for domestic purposes per head per day for each quarter (Usogun, Akpekpe,Iyekhei,Igbe and Aiboste) were 0.00172m3, 0.00179 m3, 0.00188m3, 0.00180m3 and 0.00176m3 which are below the set minimum standard volumes of 0.02m3(Table2) and total of 0.135 m3 for water requirements for domestic purposes (Table3). The study recommends that there is need to construct reservoir of about 1000 hectares for rainfall harvesting among others in the study area.

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