Dynamic Behaviour of an Electronically Commutated (Brushless DC) Motor Drive with Back-emf Sensing

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Author(s) O. Imoru | J. Tsado
Pages 922-928
Volume 2
Issue 6
Date June, 2012
Keywords BLDC, Dynamic behaviour, back-emf sensing, motor constant


Conventionally, BLDC motors are commutated in six-step pattern with commutation controlled by position sensors. To reduce cost and complexity of the drive system, sensorless drive is preferred. The existing sensorless control scheme with the conventional back EMF sensing based on motor neutral voltage for BLDC has certain drawbacks, which limit its applications. This paper presents the dynamic behaviour of an analytical and circuit model of a Brushless DC (BLDC) motors with back emf sensing. The circuit model was simulated using LTspice and the results obtained were compared with the experimental results. The value of the motor constant and the back emf measured from the experiment agreed with the simulated model. The starting behaviour of the motor, changing of load torque when current are varied and disturbance of sensing method at peak load shows that the dynamic behaviour results of the experiment obtained from oscilloscope are similar to the simulated value.

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