Efficient Routing Scheme for Opportunistic Networks

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Author(s) Mamoun Hussein Mamoun
Pages 940-945
Volume 2
Issue 6
Date June, 2012
Keywords hybrid routing; opportunistic networks; new routing protocol.


In the last few years research activity in Opportunistic Networks (OppNets) is growing and researchers have proposed various types of routing protocols. Context information is the main building block for design of these types of networks. This information is not always available which makes the design of efficient routing protocols is difficult. When context information is not available context-oblivious routing protocols are only way to enable communication between users otherwise Context- based protocols is used when context information is available. In this paper we propose an efficient hybrid routing protocol that is able to use context data as soon as it becomes available and falls back to context-oblivious routing when context information is not available. Simulation results show that the proposed routing protocol is able to provide a better results in term of message delivery probability and message delay when context information about users is available or not.

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