Performance Comparison of Routing Protocols in Opportunistic Networks

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Author(s) Mamoun Hussein Mamoun | Wafaa Shaban
Pages 1040-1045
Volume 2
Issue 6
Date June, 2012
Keywords opportunistic networks, context information, context-aware routing, delay-tolerant networks.


In Opportunistic Networks (OppNets), mobile devices transmit messages by exploiting the direct contacts, without the need of an end-to-end infrastructure. Disconnections of nodes and high churn rates are normal features of opportunistic networks. Hence, routing is one of the main challenges in this environment. In this paper, we provide a survey of the main routing approaches in OppNets and classify them into two classes: context-oblivious and context-based routing. We emphasize the role of context information in forwarding data in OppNets, and evaluate the relative performance of Epidemic and PROPHET routing protocols.

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