Finite Element Modeling of Shear Strength of Infilled Frames with Openings

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Author(s) T.C. Nwofor | J.G. Chinwah
Pages 992-1001
Volume 2
Issue 6
Date June, 2012
Keywords Finite element method, Masonry infilled frames, Openings, Shear strength


Masonry infilled frame structure used in high rise buildings are frequently under the influence of lateral loads as a result of wind loads and earthquake forces. Most designers ignore the contribution of openings in masonry infill panel in the reduction of the shear strength of the infilled frames. In this paper the finite element modeling technique is used to model the shear strength of brick masonry infilled frames with different sizes and configuration of position of openings. The results obtained from the present analytical technique are compared against that from experimental test results in order to validate the model. Hence this model can easily be effective in the wind and seismic vulnerability analysis of reinforced concrete infilled frames with openings.

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