Inter Turn Fault Analysis of a Permanent Magnet Machine Using Finite Element

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Author(s) AlNasir, Z.A
Pages 980-986
Volume 2
Issue 6
Date June, 2012
Keywords Fault tolerance, Finite Element, Permanente magnet machine, Turn faults.


In critical applications, such as aerospace and military, the reliability of a permanent magnet machine is quite important. Inter turn short circuit fault has been classified as one of the worst faults that may occur in the machine winding. In this paper, a l20kW permanent magnet machine is used to study the effect of partial inter turn short circuit. A single tum short circuit is shown to be the most serious case. Hence, a remedial action is taken by shorting the whole winding involved in the single turn fault. Finite element is used to predict steady state currents of shorted single tum and rest of turns. Although shorting the whole winding significantly reduces the shorted single turn current, it is still many times greater than the rated value.

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