Critical Review of Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) for Asset Management in Electric Power Distribution System

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Author(s) A.U. Adoghe | C.O.A. Awosope | S.A. Daramola
Pages 1020-1026
Volume 2
Issue 6
Date June, 2012
Keywords Reliability Centred Maintenance, Probabilistic Model, Asset Management, Electic Power, Distribution System.


The purpose of maintenance is to extend equipment lifetime or at least the mean time to the next failure. Maintenance too incurs expenditures that result in very costly consequences when not performed or performed too little, and it may not even be economical to perform it too frequently. Therefore the two costs must be balanced. In the past, this balance had been estimated by extrapolating the experience obtained from existing systems and using the rule - of – thumb methods. Nowadays, the tempo of advanced and softiscated research in that direction has rendered such rule – of – thumb methods obsolete. The literature works describing the reliability centred maintenance methods for managing distribution assets have grown until the papers can now be numbered in thousands. This paper presents critical review of the various existing methods that have been developed by different reseachers and proposes a probabilistic model that will provide a quantitative connection between reliability and maintenance, a link missing in all the heuristic approaches.

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