Numerical Evaluation of the Elastic Properties of Brick-Mortar Prisms: The Effect of Varying Thickness of Mortar Joint

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Author(s) T.C. Nwofor
Pages 987-991
Volume 2
Issue 6
Date June, 2012
Keywords Brick, mortar joint, compressive strength


This paper is a presentation of the numerical evaluation of stress in a brick-mortar prisms considering it’s various mortar joint thickness which is a basic physical property of brickwork. The brick-mortar prism here serves as a meaningful substitute for a brick-wall structure. A powerful analytical tool in the finite element method would be used for the analysis. An overview of the steps to determine the element stiffness matrix for a plane stress problem is also presented. In this work but a homogenous and a heterogeneous (composite) model is use for our investigation. The results obtained in this work shows a gradual decrease in compressive stress and strain as the mortar joint thickness increases and this result compares favorably with results from experimental and analytical works, but the basic observation in this work is that there is no significant difference in the values obtained through the use of the two kinds of structural model. Hence, the assumption of a homogenized material in numerical analysis of a composite material like the brick work structure is very appropriate

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