Modification of Cassava Starch for Industrial Uses

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Author(s) Akpa, Jackson Gunorubon | Dagde, Kenneth Kekpugile
Pages 908-914
Volume 2
Issue 6
Date June, 2012
Keywords Cassava starch, modification, cross linking, functional properties


Cassava starch modification by cross-linking using four different reagents (ammonium phosphate, sodium acetate, sodium acetate with adipic acid, sodium acetate with fumaric acid) was performed. Functional properties (ash content, pH, moisture content, gelatinization temperature, swelling power, swelling volume, solubility and viscosity) of the modified starch were compared with those of the native cassava starch. The modified starches had varying degrees of improvements in properties in descending order as: modification with sodium acetate, ammonium phosphate, sodium acetate with adipic acid, sodium acetate with fumaric acid. Starch modified with sodium acetate and ammonium phosphate showed great improvement in their gelatinization temperature with values of 79oF and 75oF compared with 69oF of the native starch, solubility of 66.7% and 37.1% compared with 0% of the native cassava starch and had lower and stable viscosities.

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