Optimization of Intake and Exhaust System for FSAE Car Based on Orthogonal Array Testing

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Author(s) HONG Han-chi | HUANG Hong-wu | BAI Yi-jie
Pages 392-396
Volume 2
Issue 3
Date March, 2012
Keywords GT-Power, Orthogonal Array Testing, Restrictor, Plenum

1-Dimensional software GT-Power was applied to simulate the engine performance. The simulation results were compared to the test results provided by the JH600 engine manufacturer with good agreement. The parameters including the sphere style plenum diameter, the intake runner diameter, exhaust runner lengths and the position of retractor were optimized via a combination of the 1-Dimensional simulation and an orthogonal L9 (34) testing design. The optimal results can limit the effect of restrictor, and then improve the restricted engine’s ability effectively in the high speed range (4000 to 7000rpm).

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