A New Approach for Improving the Performance of Delay Tolerant Networks

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Author(s) Mamoun Hussein Mamoun
Pages 503-508
Volume 2
Issue 2
Date March, 2012
Keywords Delay Tolerant Networks, Optimization, Performance.

Powerful personal devices provide the basis for Ad hoc networking among mobile users. Delay tolerant Networking (DTN) enables such communication in spite of low node density—to reach an infrastructure network as well as for direct information exchange between peers. Numerous DTN routing protocols have been developed, and their analysis has shown different performance depending on the (human) mobility assumed—ranging from simple to complex mobility models to a variety of real-world traces. Most of the routing protocols in DTN assume that the buffer size and bandwidth to be infinite but these resources are limited in realistic environment. In this paper, we propose a new approach for improving the performance of Delay Tolerant Networks that can optimize the average delivery ratio. our proposal derives utility value of the message for the given metric when decision on transmission is to be taken. Simulation results show that our approach significantly optimizes the performance of DTN for limited resources.

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