Mobile Learning: Cell phones and PDAs as Educational Learning Tools for Students in Tertiary Institutions

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Author(s) Oye, N. D. | H. Z. Baloch | A.Iahad, N. | Azizah, A. R. | Ab.Rahim,N
Pages 535-540
Volume 2
Issue 3
Date March, 2012
Keywords M-Learning; E-Learning; Cell phones; PDAs; Learning Tools; Tertiary Institutions

Mobile learning is a new model of e-learning, which combines mobile computing and e-learning. With this new technology, learning will become more learner-centered and informal, rather than teacher-centered and formal. This paper reviewed and discusses the fact that Cell phones and PDAs can be used as educational learning tools by students in tertiary institutions. The knowledge acquired from this paper is useful to university administrators, ICT policy makers and academicians in developing countries. Since this idea succeeded in developed countries like Japan, Britain, USA, and Denmark among others, it is unlikely to fail in developing countries.

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