Gait Authentication Based on Fusion of Wavelet and Hough Transform

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Author(s) C. Nandini | Sindhu K
Pages 347-351
Volume 2
Issue 3
Date March, 2012
Keywords Gait recognition, Wavelet transform, Hough transform.

Recognition is a process of identifying a subject’s identity from a set of already known identities. Gait recognition is the process of identifying a subject by the manner in which he walks. It identifies a person from the database consisting walking sequences of images. The gait of a person walking can be extracted without requiring the prior consent of the observed subject and the gait of an individual can be captured at a distance unlike other biometric techniques. In this paper, wavelet decomposition and hough transformations are applied on the walking image sequences and also the height and width of the silhouette are considered. The experimentation results indicate that the proposed system works efficiently by combining both the transformations. The experiments are tested on CASIA Dataset A and Real time data set.

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