A Modified Back to Back E-Shaped Patch Antenna for 4G MIMO Communications

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Author(s) P.Naveen Kumar | K.M.Vijay | T.Srinivas | K.Jagadeesh Babu
Pages 397-401
Volume 2
Issue 3
Date March, 2012
Keywords Modified Back to Back E-shaped patch antenna, MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) systems, Impedance bandwidth, Mutual coupling.

The present work deals with design of a modified back to back E-shaped patch antenna with improved bandwidth and isolation characteristics. The proposed antenna resonates at 14.16 GHz & 15.47 GHz frequencies for VSWR < 1.34, giving an impedance bandwidth of 20%. A 2×2 MIMO is developed by using the proposed antenna with a reduced mutual coupling of -37 dB. The results for various antenna parameters like radiation pattern, gain, return loss, mutual coupling, and bandwidth are furnished in this paper.

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