Wireless Dual Purpose Propeller Clock Display

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Author(s) Nayab Suhail Hamirani | Asad Ali Shaikh | Peer Mohammad Memon | Yasir Ali Khatri
Pages 553-556
Volume 2
Issue 2
Date March, 2012
Keywords Hall Effect Sensor, IR Decoder IC, Microcontroller, Propeller clock control, 7 LEDs

This paper is based on our project named as Propeller clock Display. It can be called as 7 LEDs innovation. Here 7 LEDs are used which are displaying digital and analog time programmed by the microcontroller. Decoder IC is used to decode IR waves from the remote and insert the time we desire. This feature creates wireless communication between the display and the input applied. The motor used rotates at a very fast speed and this display is achieved. The basic idea is based on Propeller mechanism. Entire display is done by using 7 LEDs only which are rotated at various speeds by DC motor. This kind of display can be useful anywhere where size, speed and cost matters.

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