Renewable Building Thermal Insulation – Oil Palm Fibre

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Author(s) Krishpersad Manohar
Pages 475-479
Volume 2
Issue 2
Date March, 2012
Keywords building insulation, oil palm fibre, biodegradable insulation, renewable insulation

The increasing negative effect on the environment necessitates the search for viable biodegradable renewable materials for use as building thermal insulation. This study investigates the potential for oil palm fibre as an environmentally friendly building thermal insulation. Thermal conductivity measurements at mean test temperatures of 20oC, 25oC and 30oC were conducted on oil palm fibre specimens within the density range 20 kg/m3 to 120 kg/m3 in accordance with ASTM C518. Results indicated that oil palm fibre exhibited the characteristic hooked shape variation of thermal conductivity with density and the minimum thermal conductivity occurred at 100 kg/m3. Thermal conductivity increased with mean test temperature. The optimum thermal conductivity value within the 20oC to 30oC mean temperature range averaged 0.05675 W/m.K. From the experimental data an empirical correlation varying with density and temperature was derived. The correlation predicted the thermal conductivity of oil palm fibre within 5% of the experimental value.

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