Parametric Consideration of Marine Diesel Engine Output for Maximum Operation

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Author(s) Anthony, A. Ishiodu | Ezenwa A. Ogbonnaya
Pages 495-502
Volume 2
Issue 2
Date March, 2012
Keywords Parametric consideration, marine diesel engine, output and maximum operation

Diesel engines simulation has contributed immensely towards the aim of new evaluation and development. This present work contributes to a better simulation of the transient operation of improving the existing relation. It deals with the parametric consideration of Marine Diesel Engine (MDE) output for maximum operation. A four stroke caterpillar 3516B series MDE with 16 – VTS was used to actualize the work. A well-known model was adopted using temperature approach to obtain efficiencies of the engine. A computer program code named MDEPAC written in visual-basic programming language was developed. The result obtained affirmed that the value of 42.952KW to 1647.84KW of power output and 239.01kN/m2 to 1791.13kN/m2 for mean effective pressure should be maintained to avoid any breakdown of the engine.

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