Vehicle Suspension System Control by using Adaptive Fuzzy Controller

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Author(s) M. Kondalu | A. Pavan Kumar | Sreekanth Reddy Gillella
Pages 469-474
Volume 2
Issue 3
Date March, 2012
Keywords Suspension System, Spring Rate, Fuzzy logic controller.

Fuzzy logic based control systems provide a simple and efficient method to control highly complex and imprecise systems. However, the lack of a simple hardware design that is capable of modifying the fuzzy controller’s parameters to adapt for any changes in the operation environment, or behaviour of the plant system limits the applicability of fuzzy based control systems in the automotive and industrial environments. Adaptive control is the control method used by a controller which must adapt to a controlled system with parameters which vary or are initially uncertain. Despite the lack of a formal definition, an adaptive controller has a distinct architecture, consisting of two loops control loop and a parameter adjustment loop. In this project automotive suspension system parameters are controlled by adaptive fuzzy logic controller and for which simulation results are obtained in MATLAB environment.

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