Assessment of Ontological Reuse versus Object Oriented Reuse Anchored in Various Reuse Subclasses

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Author(s) Shilpa Sharma | Maya Ingle
Pages 469-474
Volume 2
Issue 3
Date March, 2012
Keywords Ontological Reuse (OnR), Reuse Subclasses

It is extensively reckoned that the development and utilization of reusable software artifacts is necessary for improving software development efficiency and software prominence. Most software development methodologies recognize the utility of reuse, and some even provide processes and contrivances to directly support it. Therefore, an object-oriented software engineering methodology is grounded in the utility and benefits of the development and reuse of software artifacts. This paper examines the role of ontologies within software engineering to potentially apply the intentional development of reusable artifacts, representation and classification of artifacts into repositories, and utilization of the artifacts from repositories. Also, a range of classes of reuse are identified, inhibitors to successful reuse are pointed-out, and technical issues for achieving reuse are examined. An explicit apprehension is focused to ontological reuse amplification over the object oriented reuse in software engineering.

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