Analysis of Low Tension Agricultural Distribution Systems

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Author(s) K. V. S. Ramachandra Murthy | K. Manikanta | G. V. Phanindra
Pages 334-342
Volume 2
Issue 3
Date March, 2012
Keywords Agricultural Distribution Systems, Radial Distribution, Electrical Energy Loss

This paper attempts to determine active power losses in the distribution lines which are on the secondary side of 11kV/440V transformers. As distribution systems are growing larger and being stretched too far the system losses are also increasing and resulting in poor voltage regulation. In the distribution studies conducted so far on all standard bus systems, the losses are determined only up to the primary side of 11KV/440V transformer. i.e., active and reactive powers are assumed to be lumped at the 11kV Bus. No study till now has been carried out to determine losses between distribution transformer of 11kV/ 440V and load premises. The load considered in this study is restricted to agricultural pumps, as there is a large potential for saving energy in agricultural sector. In this paper, three networks are developed under different capacities of distribution transformers. Losses are obtained by running load flow and minimum voltage profile is observed taking several pessimistic conditions of 0.8 power factor and loading beyond 95% on the distribution transformer.

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